Boğaziçi Archives and Documentation Center was the guest of "Şehir Hepimizin”

Our Assistant Coordinator Nurçin İleri was the guest of Seval Şahin and Erkan Irmak on in the program titled "Şehir Hepimizin". She told the story of the foundation of our Archives and Documentation Center, the project we carried out with Istanbul Development Agency’s financial support and our needs for the near future. »

Boğaziçi University Archives and Documentation Center Continues Working on Collections

The journal of Social History (Toplumsal Tarih) reported in its January 2018 edition about our project publicity meeting that was held on December 13, 2017. The meeting included presentations on the process and the results of our Project titled "Histories of Science, Culture and Education in İstanbul Through Personal Archives" and supported by the İstanbul Development Agency. »

Bosphorus Review of Books: Interview with Archives and Documentation Center

Boğaziçi University Archives and Documentation Center Coordinator Assistant Nurçin İleri had an interview with Erica Eller for the Bosphorus Review of Books. To learn more about our archive project, see the link. »

TRT Radio, Interview in Atlas of History

You can listen our Center Coordinator Cengiz Kırlı’s interview in TRT Radio, Atlas of History via the link. »

Boğaziçi Magazine Interview

The Archive and Documentation Center, established as a unit within Boğaziçi University, sheds light on the 150-years long history of our university as well as the historical experiences that shaped this geography. It will soon be possible to access online the different collections that are housed at the Center. These collections are comprised of many interesting objects such as encrypted telegrams, bundles of hair kept in envelops and old photographs that tell many personal stories from the last years of the Ottoman Empire to the present day Turkey. Cengiz Kırlı and Nurçin İleri, the co-directors of the project, tell us about the archives and the Archives and Documentation Center, both of which play an important role in facing and confronting the past realities. »

“We Would Like to Open Personal Archives to the Researchers”

Boğaziçi University Archives and Documentation Center has moved to its new building. The Center, which has started its operations last year in September, is rapidly becoming institutionalized with new projects. »